Case Studies


Manufacturing Work Instruction Template Case Study: Astronautics Corporation of America Client Problem: Astronautics Corporation of America and its subsidiary, Kearfott Corporation, needed to rollout a new computer tracking system to all of its global manufacturing locations. 

Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, & Biotechnology

Merck & Co. We have been working with Merck in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations with a novel approach to supporting and training operators and supervisors in implementing Batch Sheets and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Production Written Procedures (PWP’s). 

Food & Beverage

Princeton Center works with many companies involved in the Food, Beverage and Flavors Sector. Within this sector, we frequently work with those in the operations or quality assurance / control departments.

Process Engineering

Standard Operating Procedure Software Process Engineering Case Study Published 08-26-2010 by Brandon Hall, a leading independent e-learning and technology research group. 


SRC Client Problem: ASRC Energy Services needed get a better control over the many Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions associated with the energy exploration on the north slope in Alaska.

IT / Software Solutions

Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia Client Problem: Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia needed a high-end multi-media presentation to sell employees and management on a new multi-million dollar software package. In addition, they required workshops, job aids and desktop information for employees on this software.

Government Agencies

United States Department of Agriculture Client Problem: U.S. Embassies needed a way to deliver information on new software worldwide. Solution: Princeton Center created the information program to support the worldwide rollout of applications by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Services division. 

International / Multi-Lingual Training

Cargill Corporation (Worldwide Support) Client Problem: Cargill needed a more efficient way to deliver support to over 1,100 locations in 35 different countries. In addition, the CBT had to be in 8 different languages. The initial project involved New Hire Orientation. 

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