Pharmaceutical / Life Science CASE STUDIES

Client: Merck & Co.

Client Problem:

We have been working with Merck in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations with a novel approach to supporting and training operators and supervisors in implementing Batch Sheets and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Production Written Procedures (PWP’s). By introducing ExpressTrain Standard Operating Procedure Software to manage the SOP’s used in the manufacturing operations and clean room processes, Merck has been able to create a single-source for critical content that can be used to automatically generate support materials that are consistent, concurrent and compliant. The implementation of the ExpressTrain-TS has led to reduced notations and citations for operational errors, and has significantly reduced the cost of creating up-to-date training and support materials.

One of Merck’s plants involved in the production of a significant AIDS drug was interested in improving its operations and maintenance performance.


PCES designed, developed and delivered to Merck a complete Knowledge Transfer System and Standard Operating Procedure Software. The solution included capturing of core content, transforming it into a knowledge base, and publishing flexible knowledge products. The outputs generated from this knowledge transfer process included, Job Aids, Checklists, Trouble shooting Tables, Presentations, and Web-based Training. All of the knowledge products were generated directly from the KnowledgeBase, which allowed for rapid updates and dissemination.

Financial Impact:

Merck is using the ExpressTrain-TS Standard Operating Procedure Software to help standardize their SOP’s, PWP’s, and Troubleshooting Tables. If Merck prevents one day of downtime from only one line at their facility, it will more than pay for the installation and licensing of the ExpressTrain-TS.

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