USE CASE: Management

Use Case: Management

The goal of lean manufacturing with quality systems for ISO and QMS processes is a very difficult goal to attain. With the advent of Six Sigma Processes for Lean Manufacturing, the goal is more reasonable.

The Quality Management System (QMS) used on many lean manufacturing operation following the Six Sigma model often find that the last step #5 “Control” is the most difficult to manage.

SOP Express with the SharePoint Connector helps with lean manufacturing with the ability to create SOPs, Policies, Processes and Protocols to specifically target quality issues and to automatically generate all the documentation, job aids, checklists, and training  needed to actually implement the quality system in the plant.

With the generation of “Task Qualification Standards” report, SOP Express helps you raise the level of quality (due to supervisory observation), while reducing the risk or citations, and penalties with more comprehensive management of skilled workforce.

So whether its project management systems, QMS management standards, risk management, or ISO quality management system, you can use SOP Express to help by rapidly capturing the most critical, dangerous and costly procedures for management controls.

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