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Astronautics Corporation of America

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Client: Astronautics Corporation of America

Client Problem:

Astronautics Corporation of America and its subsidiary, Kearfott Corporation, needed to rollout a new computer tracking system to all of its global manufacturing locations. Astronautics needed to standardize its manufacturing work instruction template for all the work instructions associated with guiding the user in the steps necessary to create a new contract record and associated contract details. The contract and contract details are required to flow down the DPAS rating, create the DD250 report and/or WAWF interface data. With developers in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Mexico, Astronautics needed work instruction templates that would serve as the main source of content, but stored in a way that would allow for updates, translations and on-demand support access.


Astronautic Corporation of America selected ExpressTrain to develop its manufacturing work instruction templates because it allowed them to customize the work instructions to meet their needs and provided a single-source knowledgebase for the approved work instructions’s. ExpressTrain was used to capture the content into a work instruction template which served as the input to a database. Once entered into ExpressTrain, Astronautics was able to automatically generate a full set of work instructions, web-based tutorials, job aids, quick reference cards, and instructor-led training in PowerPoint. Using development staff from three different locations Astronautics was able to share files, translate content and update the work instructions as needed to meet the various demands of the workforce.

Financial Impact:

The financial impact of this capability was significant.

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