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Princeton Center’s Partnerships

Princeton Center’s end-to-end software suite is used by systems integrators and service providers to develop solutions for their clients in various sectors including the Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Manufacturing, IT Custom Application Software Support and Government.

Systems Integrators and service providers partner with Princeton Center to create custom programs for each client’s specific needs.

Software resellers work with us to provide software licenses directly to their clients.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a systems integrator, service provider, or software reseller:


BPTS - BioPharma Training Services

Over 25 years of experience providing sustainable solutions that transform organizations, systems and its personnel. The company specializes in performing Needs Assessments and simplifying / implementing Operational Processes, Quality Management Systems, Documentation Systems and Personnel Qualification Programs. We believe in innovation and simplification, and Express Train / SOP Express is what our clients need to improve knowledge transfer and performance.

Smart Documents - A Smart way to create and access your plant documents

Fitiri helps you to create and maintain your plant documents, and procedures. The process of generating job aids and other related documents is automated. Any modifications made to the procedures are versioned and tracked automatically. The documents can be accessed in the control room or in the field using intrinsically safe tablets. Some of our successful implementations using ExpressTrain in the Oil & Gas industry are OCI Beaumont and Atlantic Methanol.


BCS is providing knowledge and products to model and describe Business Processes and Business Decisions.

  • BCS supports you in the entire Business Process lifecycle.
  • BCS helps you to implement related artifacts for Business Processes as Standard Operating Procedures or Checklists.
  • BCS addresses customers in Europe and works across many industries with a focus on logistics and transportation.


MINX software and service is a software house, offering interesting products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We see ourselves as partners with our users and our suppliers. No matter what product you buy from us, we will be your contact for questions. We provide first-line support, training or customer specific services on the basis of our listings.

We think it’s always exciting to offer new products. If you find a product of a foreign producer who does not have European partners, we are at as a mediator available. Neither you nor the Supplier shall so deal with customs or tax formalities.



Automated Control Concepts, Inc. (ACC)
ACC provides services throughout the project life cycle, from initial requirements definition through detailed design, system implementation, testing, and commissioning.


ICATT, based in Amsterdam, develops multimedia and software for information and presentation systems and for training and testing purposes. The company specializes in design and production of content for new media, interface design and graphical design.


“Peter is a absolute pioneer in knowledge management and e-learning. Back when I was every so green and believed in wild creativity Peter had already got it: companies need smart, consistent, maintainable solutions. Peter was always way ahead of us all!”

– Michiel Klonhammer of ICATT



Spacebyte is an internationally active company with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Morocco. The professional quality of Spacebyte products and services in the areas of e-Learninge-Business and e-Marketing has already convinced hundreds of satisfied customers in Europe.

By partnering with a leading e-business pioneer with a growth focus on smart, high-impact cloud and mobile applications, Princeton Center for Education Services has been able to expand the capabilities of ExpressTrain to include turn-key delivery for small to mid-sized companies in Europe and MENA regions.

Spacebyte AG, founded in 1983, is a Swiss e-business pioneer with a growth focus on smart, high-impact cloud and mobile applications, business intelligence and big data analysis.

Spacebyte aims to build strong relationships with its customers by helping them to make informed business decisions and to efficiently identify and implement solutions, which will meet their strategic objectives.

Spacebyte is managed by a seasoned and motivated team with over 130 Years in combined experience and a long track record of success!

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