Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc. (PCES), creator of ExpressTrain and SOP Express, is comprised of professionals who have extensive experience designing and developing content capture, training and performance support software as well as interactive multimedia tools and processes.

We were established in 1985 to improve and enhance the learning methods used in the development of computer-based learning models. Since then, we’ve designed and created a series of products aimed at improving the development of learning programs, training materials, learning management, and interacting programming models.

We were able to apply these methods to designing and developing electronic performance support systems; when our clients in highly regulated industries asked us to also provide various transformations of that content we evolved to meet their needs.

Today, we are advancing the field of on-demand knowledge transfer, which allows our clients to quickly capture the core content and transform it into reusable products that support consistent and compliant company operations.

We pride ourselves on being our clients’ strategic partner, helping them deliver the custom training, and just-in-time knowledge and skills essential to their success. PCES was founded on the principles derived from the Paradigms Project at The Pennsylvania State University, and is not affiliated with Princeton University.



Dr. Peter J. Rizza, Jr., President & CEO

Dr. Rizza has over 30 years of experience in technology-mediated instruction, with special focus on learning models and knowledge transfer strategies.

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Karl G. Kelly, Vice President of Research & Development

Karl is one of the principals of Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc. and has been with the company for over 25 years.

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Steve Bernstein, Client Engagement Director

Steven A. Bernstein is an accomplished professional experienced in managing training, documentation and software application projects. A common goal of his projects has been to increase business productivity.

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