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Standard Operating Procedure Software Process Engineering Case Study

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Client: Standard Operating Procedure Software Process Engineering Case Study

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Published 08-26-2010 by Brandon Hall, a leading independent e-learning and technology research group. | Research Type: Case Study | Format: DOC | PAGES : 13

AUTHOR: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc.

2010 Excellence in Learning Awards entry in the category of Best Use of Blended Learning.


International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. adopts a Single-Source blended learning process and software engine, ExpressTrain, to automatically generate multiple blended training and performance support materials, with significant return on investment.

As a leading creator and manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, IFF is dedicated to excellence in every area of our business, using knowledge, creativity, innovation, and technology to provide our customers with superior consumer understanding and the highest quality products and service.

Two years ago, executive management asked the question, “Where was the greatest risk to the organization and to our customers?” After data analysis, several areas of risk were identified that could result in product recalls from the market; costing the customer and IFF considerable financial loss. Procedure not Followed / Lack of Procedure was identified as one of those High Risk categories and needed an immediate response from Management.


The leading root cause for this Business Risk was lack of User Friendly Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). IFF developed procedures that served the needs of an ISO 9001:2000 compliant system, but provided little value to the employees. In addition, the tools available did not allow those documents to be easily accessible to the employees. IFF benchmarked the industry to find a tool that would provide User Friendly Documentation and software tools that would transform SOP information into learning on the job.

There was another burning platform that needed to be addressed and that was the turnover of our senior staff as many had been with the company 20-45 years. As we were evolving employees out of the business and new ones to backfill those positions, we were at risk of losing the tribal knowledge unique to the Fragrance Compounding industry.

Financial Impact:

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