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Transforming Information into Knowledge

Transforming Information into Knowledge, by Peter J. Rizza, Jr. – Princeton Center “We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge”, Rutherford D. Rogers, Yale Librarian, 1985. This quote just about says it all. We spend so much time focused on data and information we fail to see that what we really need is knowledge…

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White Paper: The Case for a Knowledge Process Suite

White Paper: The Case for a Knowledge Process Suite Abstract The forces of globalization, technology, and economic liberalization are combining to make life harder than ever for established companies. Only the Knowledge Intensive companies will survive under these extreme competitive conditions. The biggest change taking place in the IT industry is going up the value…

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ExpressTrain Suite – Reviewed by Bryan Chapman

ExpressTrain Suite – Reviewed by Bryan Chapman, Chapman Alliance – 4/1/2008 “Single-sourcing is a trend that is coming toward training developers in full force, especially as they seek to deploy learning content in multiple formats such as printed lesson plans, student guides, online learning, synchronized PowerPoint slides, job aides and learning content on mobile devices. Most of…

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