Knowledge Transfer as a Critical Component for SOP Implementation

Knowledge Transfer of standard processes, procedures and protocols seeks to organize, create, capture, or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability in implementing and executing standard for users.

Knowledge Transfer is a combination of well communicated standards to follow, clearly defined performance support, targeted training, and proper assessment to help with improving company competencies and overall success.

The best knowledge transfer systems provide methods and tools for:

  • 1 identifying and collecting all types of knowledge specifically including processes, procedures, protocols, work instructions and process maps.
  • 2 capturing and storing knowledge into an effective knowledge management system as control documents with versioning, history, and quality assurance.
  • 3 transfering and sharing knowledge in multiple formats most appropriate to support performance and training.

Knowledge transfer systems aid your company in sharing knowledge which ensures that everyone involved with implementing best practices has the information they need to keep running smoothly. Having the right information at the right time in the right format is the ultimate goal for saving time, resources, and cost.

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How to Implement a Knowledge Transfer System

  • 1 Identify the best source of the content and critical information. Select the best experts and engineers for this role, not just the most available employees.
  • 2 Identify the types of content you need to gather. This will include documents, work instructions, graphics and images, tables and charts, and recorded interviews with experienced knowledge workers.
  • 3 Create an Input Model with supporting templates for the collection process to give structure to the content organization and to provide consistent and compliant output of materials generated from multiple sources into a common knowledge repository.
  • 4 Establish a knowledge transfer process for meta-tagging core content to facilitate searching, reusability, and cross referencing. The process should allow for selecting content to include or exclude as support materials demand and allow for linkage to all current content assets in various media formats for inclusion in end-user performance support.
  • 5 Facilitate utilization of the captured knowledge via operational systems deployment. Keep in mind that having the core critical knowledge captured and structured does not guarantee use and proper implementation without easy access, specific diagnostic targeted concepts, and review and updating on a regular basis for all users.
  • 6 Integrate the knowledge capture with the prevailing documents management systems, performance support systems, and learning management systems. Basically, having a well-defined standard process is of no value unless those tasked with implementing the process and quickly, effectively, and accurately follow the process from beginning to end.
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How does the ExpressTrain Transformation Suite (with SOP Express) support Effective Knowledge Transfer?

The ExpressTrain Transformation Suite is designed specifically to support knowledge transfer by providing a system that supports content capture, transformation, and publication for multiple users.

ExpressTrain Transformation Suite is an integrated set of powerful tools that help you accelerate the development and deployment of consistent, concurrent, and compliant training, performance support and verification materials in a variety of formats for your required standard operating processes, protocols, and procedures (SOPs). With its proven methodology and capabilities that reduce risk, reduce costs, and save time, you can easily develop, generate, and update Knowledge Products such as Instructor-led Workshops, Web-Based Training, Electronic/Printed Reference, and Software Applications Training. Just capture your core content in one place with our ExpressTrain Templates, store it in our Knowledge-Base and let ExpressTrain TS create your desired multiple outputs in seconds.

Capture: Capture core content into a Knowledge Transfer Process with:

  • ExpressTrain TS Knowledge Capture
  • Capture core content using MS Word templates
  • Structure content using built-in Knowledge Classes
  • Create a content KnowledgeBase and online resources
  • Elaborate and embellish using any multimedia asset

Transformation: Transform captured content into desirable outputs

  • Knowledge Products with ExpressTrain TS Knowledge Transformation
  • Generate group-based training options, including PowerPoint slides and leader/participant guides.
  • Generate web-based training (WBT) including tutorials, practice, simulation, and assessment.
  • Generate electronic references including performance checklists, job aids and troubleshooting tables.

Publishing: Reuse assets using knowledge class links

  • Generate documents and reports including SOPs, work instructions, task qualifications and reports.
  • Publish SCORM-conformant WBT lessons for your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Publish documents and reports to your Document Management System (DMS)

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