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Dresden, Germany  June 30, 2020 – Princeton Center for Education Services, a leading educational content developer, is pleased to announce a new partnership with BCS and Dr. Jurgen Pitschke, to market the ExpressTrain Suite of tools and provide models for business processes. The Princeton Center brings this new software to Europe for reglated industries, like Oil and Gas, Automotive, Aerospace and Pharmaceuticals.

BCS is providing knowledge and products to model and describe business processes and business decisions. BCS supports you in the entire Business Process lifecycle; BCS helps you to implement related artifacts for Business Processes as Standard Operating Procedures or Checklists; BCS addresses customers in Europe and works across many industries with a focus on logistics and transportation.

“We were pleased with the assocaition with Dr. Pitschke and BCS to allow PCES to exapnd its support of Europe and to provide our clients with business processing consulting services. There is so much potential with BCS services tied to Princeton’s ExpressTrain software, we look forward to getting more clients introduced to our technology,” says Peter Rizza, CEO of the Princeton Center.

BCS – Dr. Juergen Pitschke

“This is competence in Model-Based Business Engineering. Describing Business Processes, Business Decisions, Vision, or in short, a Business Architecture of an organization systematically and maintainable – this is my experience. I help you to apply standard notations as BPMN, CMMN, DMN, and frameworks as Zachman or TOGAF™ in daily work successfully. This is not an end in itself. Together with you I analyze business processes, support or automate them, roll them out to improve your business. All this is part of my service portfolio.”

BCS provides: 

Workshops Model-Based Business Engineering. 

Consulting Business Process Management. 

Tools and Methods

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Princeton Center for Education Services, founded in 1985, is a leading provider of single-source rapid content transfer tools, content reusability, custom content development services, and performance support. Princeton Center for Education Service’s ExpressTrain Transformation Suite is a powerful process that reduces the development by 75% and update/revisions by over 90% for training, performance support and verification of procedures, processes and protocols. ExpressTrain has been used by a wide range of major corporation and government agencies. Princeton Center for Education Services is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, with sales offices in New Jersey, New York, Texas and Arizona, and with representatives in Europe. For more information, please visit