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ExpressTrain Suite – Reviewed by Bryan Chapman, Chapman Alliance – 4/1/2008

“Single-sourcing is a trend that is coming toward training developers in full force, especially as they seek to deploy learning content in multiple formats such as printed lesson plans, student guides, online learning, synchronized PowerPoint slides, job aides and learning content on mobile devices. Most of the technologies that help solve the single-source problem are expensive, enterprise-class technologies (such as learning content management systems) that present a barrier-to-entry for many of us. ExpressTrain (from Princeton Center) provides a unique and affordable solution to single sourcing, supporting a wide array of delivery formats. What really separates it from other single-source and reusable learning content tools is that developers and writers use Microsoft Word as the primary development and assembly tool. There is no need to import content into a database or convert it to XML. Whenever you want to make changes, you just open the source file in Word, make the change and then output to any or all of the outputs. The system is ideally suited for those interested in supporting multiple output formats without deploying a full-enterprise system.”

Bryan Chapman
Chief Learning Strategist
Chapman Alliance